Founder and creative Director Felicia Parker has been working in the design world for over eighteen years. It all started when she helped her mother to make and design dresses at a younger age. She enrolled into Fashion School to perfect her craft after high school.
She eventually started working on her own brand after she moved to the city (Accra -Ghana).

She has a variety of experiences working with people in the industry. She has a successful career as fashion designer, Makeup Artist and a Model.

Before she established La Mode Afrique in 2014, she was a full time photo Model and a makeup artist.
Her experience includes different aspects of fashion designing.!

As a flexible and innovative designer, her approach to every task is to offer a perfect tailored Fashion Designs


My Passion And Why I Created lamodeafrique .
Fashion is a culture simply put, it is a way of life for everyone. Fashion is diverse in different parts of the world and it is a source of looking better or attractive. I love fashion and I live fashion.

I picked up basic fashion techniques from my mother when I was little because she was a seamstress and I made my first dress ever at the age of 10, and it was a pinafore school uniform popularly known as “Kokonte ne Ab3kwan” in Ghana.So 2014, I decided to do fashion designing during modelling school when my friends kept asking me about a dress I made and wore to class, that was when I got the conviction to take this seriously.

 I am passion driven when it comes to fashion and these are what drives my passion for fashion;
I’m motivated by turning my love for fashion into a career. Also pursing a career in fashion is what lights me up with regards to the skill and innovation I possess to help change the world of fashion. And lastly, working in fashion combines my main source of inspiration with my career goals.

personal Instagram @akosuaparker

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