Dropshipping, simply put is when a retailer does not keep an inventory of their goods on hand, but instead works with a wholesaler that fulfills an order and also ships directly to the customer.

We offer drop shipping of African fashion dresses and accessories for you in retail, wholesale and also custom-made designs. We provide professional drop shipping service Worldwide .


Option 1



We are now offering you the opportunity to become an authorized Drop shipper / reseller. The process is simple and free. You just need to follow the following steps:



  1. Sign up for drop shipping account by filling out the forms below 
  2. Find a product you like or you can ask for our most bestselling product
  3. Advertised the products ( only items on our website only) on your website or social media pages and share it to your friends
  4. Sign in using the email you used to register your drop shipping account then order your customer’s orders. Shipping fee will be automatically computed upon checkout.
  5. You will collect your customers payment first, before you place an order.
  6. Make payment
  7. After your order has been made, our staff will check the following: Stock availability
  8. If there is an unavailable stocks, you need to inform your customer to change item. If all items are available, then Your item will be ready to shipped to your customer between 3-4 days after payment
  9. Estimated Delivery time depending on the country is 6-7 working days ( excluding Saturday,Sundays and holidays)



1. 25% Discount per item for resellers/ dropped shipper

2. Special Promo Codes monthly for a regular dropper shipper 




Shipping the products directly to your customers using your own business information.

* This will give you an opportunity to do business with no capital because you don’t need to have an inventory.

* We will ship the ordered items directly to your customers.

* We will never disclose our business name or identity as seller, shipper or supplier.

* We deal with reseller’s concern not with reseller’s customer concern.




* All resellers are required to purchase at least $200 USD a month to maintain their reseller discount/status.

* We don’t  accept Cancellation of orders. In case of cancellation of order, Reseller may be removed from dropping shipping list

* Order change is allowed only within 24hrs after ordering.




* You, the seller, are responsible for periodically checking product inventory on Our website and updating your online store regularly.

* If an item is out of stock, the product page will indicate its status you can contact us for more details of the products.

* we can at anytime discontinue items on our website




* Returns or refunds for Drop Ship orders will not be accepted,  All 3rd party returns must be shipped to you, the seller.

* Exchanges are accepted, but seller is responsible for the shipping cost .

*  You, the seller, are responsible for calculating shipping fees for your customers.

* Additional shipping fees may be assessed if the final shipping amount increases due to incorrect address information submitted or additional undeclared requirements at delivery. La Mode Afrique agrees to provide proof of shipping costs should this occur.



Option 2


You’ll let us create your own designs which you’ll select your prefer fabrics to be used . Once the item are ready we will send pictures of mannequin wearing them or if you prefer doing professional model photoshoot we Will do that for you at a small fee. you’ll then advertise them on your website or social media pages.. once someone purchased it, you’ll notify us ,pay the shipping cost and we will sent it to the customers directly , we will never disclose our identity as shipper or supplier.



1. Send us your designs. Add your Preferred Sizes. 

2. We will send you price Quote for wholesale for that particular designs you want to produce.

3. *You can do samples first to know how the final look will be before you do the main production ( sample price are different from wholesale or retail price) *

4. MINIMUM QUANTITY : 30 pieces total for at least 3 designs ( 10 pieces per design)

5. Select fabric of your choice which we will use to produce the item/ designs you sent

6. First Make payment of the total cost .

7. Your order will be ready within 2-3 weeks depending on the the quantity of your order.

8. We will alert you once the items are ready so you can start advertising them

9. We will ship the ordered items directly to your customers.We will never disclose our business name or identity as seller, shipper or supplier.

10. Also you can let your customers do custom designs which we can do it .

11. We are located in Ghana 🇬🇭 fast shipping worldwide